Established in 2010, after witnessing the devastation in urban poor communities caused by the typhoon Ondoy, Urban Poor Resource Center of the Philippines, Incorporated (UPRCP) is a non-stock, non-profit resource institution for the Filipino urban poor. It seeks to help shape public discourse and policy in favor of urban poor interests and aspirations through its programs, in the pursuit of realizing genuine national development and ending poverty.

UPRCP aims to develop a critical, scientific and pro-poor analysis of socio-economic issues. It engages with, and seeks the support of key sectors and institutions within society- the academe, mass media, artists, church workers, civic and professional associations, national and transnational development agencies- for the advancement of pro-poor discourse with the view of influencing Philippine policy-making.


UPRCP envisions a Philippine society that follows the path of genuine national development and defends its national sovereignty in pursuit of freedom and democracy for the Filipino people.

It is a society where there is no urban poor as basic industries provide jobs for its people and there is equitable and sustainable access to land and resources. It is a society in which there is social justice and human rights are promoted and upheld.


UPRCP is a resource institution that assists urban poor struggles for human rights and development justice through research, education and cultural development and facilitation of projects and services.


1. Help generate and support evidence-based and pro-poor programs and policies in the framework of development justice

a. To engage in development justice research focusing on the urban poor;

b. To develop a library and public information system of resources on urban poor issues and struggles;

c. To advance the advocacy of the urban poor sector and other marginalized sectors in society through campaigns, dialogues with government agencies and other stakeholders, legislative work and community actions;

d. To work for the participation of the urban poor in equitable and sustainable urban planning.

2. Help strengthen urban poor social movements in achieving food sovereignty, full and humane jobs, and access to adequate housing and universal social protection.

a. To develop and strengthen organizational, socio-economic, legal and political capacities of the urban poor through a sustained education program;

b. To develop and strengthen local and international linkages with the urban poor, people’s organizations, development agencies, civil society organizations, academe, religious, media, lawyers, artists, and other professionals;

c. To facilitate the urban poor’s access to services;

d. To put particular emphasis on capacity-building and full participation of women and children and other marginalized groups within the urban poor.

3. Help enable the urban poor to promote a patriotic, empowering and productive culture

a. To develop capacities of urban poor on art and cultural work;

b. To advance urban poor struggles and campaigns through initiatives in culture and the arts.

UPRCP is a member of the Asia Pacific-Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism (AP-RCEM). The aim of the RCEM is to enable stronger cross constituency coordination and ensure that voices of all sub-regions of Asia Pacific are heard in intergovernmental processes. Thus, the RCEM will ensure that the 60% of the world’s people living in the Asia Pacific region are better represented by civil society and social movements in global negotiations and have a stronger, coordinated, and more effective voice in regional processes.

UPRCP is elected as the focal point for the urban poor constituency. All focal points will constitute the Regional Coordination Committee which will be collectively responsible for facilitating and coordinating the work of the entire RCEM.

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Organizational Profile

The Urban Poor Resource Center of the Philippines, Inc. is a duly-registered institution in the Philippines

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration Number: CN201014025
  • Company Tax Identification Number (TIN): 007-862-311-000

Board of Directors

  • Chairperson: Dr. Gilda G. Peralta
  • Vice-Chairperson: Ms. Leona “Nay Leleng” Zarsuela
  • Secretary: Prof. Teresa Lorena Jopson
  • Treasurer: Ms. Myra Vieta Mabilin
  • Board Member: Prof. Melania Lagahit Flores

The Secretariat

  • Executive Director: Mr. Luis D. Clarin
  • Program Heads and Staff
    • Research: Mr. Kayan Nadem Cunanan and Ms. Ma. Ima Carmela Ariate
    • Education and Cultural Development: Mr. Terence Krishna Lopez and Ms. Roja Rivera
    • Projects and Services: Ms. Sylva Attala L. Fortuno
  • Administration and Finance: Mr. Luis D. Clarin


  • Ms. Rosalinda Duque

To download UPRCP’s brochure, click here.